Legal translation of documents

Legal translation of documents is the process of translating texts related to legal issues from one language to another in compliance with the rules and terminology of the legal field. This type of translation requires the translator not only to have good language skills, but also to have a deep understanding of legal terms, the legal system and the cultural characteristics of the countries between which the translation is taking place.

Legal documents can include various types of texts, such as contracts, company charters, laws, court decisions, powers of attorney and others. Errors in the translation of such documents can have serious consequences, so it is important that the translation is accurate and complete.

Professional legal translators often have specialized knowledge of the law and experience working with various types of legal documentation. This helps them accurately convey the meaning of the source text while maintaining its legal accuracy.

Our agency provides services - legal translation of documents. Only professional lawyers are able to correctly translate and interpret the difficult moments of translating legal texts: contracts, agreements, contracts, claims, statements of claim, personal documentation, court decisions, company documents (charter, regulation, memorandum of association).

Remember! An incorrectly performed legal translation can lead to unpredictable consequences. The interpretation of an incorrectly made translation may have a different meaning than in the original language.

Most translation agencies undertake legal translation at their own risk, believing they know the obvious. However, after checking such legal translations, we found gross errors and inconsistencies in terms with the law. Even when translating standard documents, translation agencies do not always check the legal terminology.

Contact us for legal translations and you will receive high-quality and reliable translations.

Why do you need to make translations with us? We check all terms for compliance with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Moldova. We check their definition in the regulations of Moldova and international regulations. The exact term defines your rights and responsibilities.