Legal address in the Republic of Moldova

Legal address in the Republic of Moldova for the enterprise - Limited Liability Company

Our legal agency offers companies that are opening and new, as well as companies operating on the Moldovan market for a long time - the service - Legal address

A legal entity must have a Legal address or, in other words, a location.

The legal address is the location of the legal entity, or rather its governing bodies. State bodies and creditors, as well as other persons, can contact the legal address. At the address of the location of the legal entity, for example, a Limited Liability Company, the documents of the enterprise must be stored, namely, the constituent documents:
registration certificate,
Charter (or Single constituent document),
copy of the passport of the director (administrator)

You can not store the original constituent documents at the legal address, but be sure to provide their notarized copies.

You will also need a power of attorney for our employee to represent the interests of the enterprise in case of a visit to your enterprise, for example, by the tax office.

It is also desirable for you to deposit the accounting documents of the enterprise. To avoid confusion during the visit of inspection bodies.

If you are interested in this service, write to us or call. You will find the form for contacting us and phone numbers for questions of the Legal address below.