Legal advice

Some recent legal advice we have provided for our clients:

December 2016 - Collection and processing of information on facsimile and personal signature issues in financial statements.

September 2016 – Advice on the issues of the General Partnership.

March 2016 - Consultation on the authority of employees of the enterprise on the basis of powers of attorney and job descriptions - during the absence of the director.

January 2016 - Consultation on the registration of an enterprise, the founder of which is a company registered in Cyprus. Questions of taxation on dividends.

December 2015 - Stalemate with documents from Transnistria. A citizen of three states at once - Moldova, Russia and Ukraine applied for a divorce filed in Pridnestrovie.

November 2015 - Financial pyramid in the Republic of Moldova. The consultation did not take place due to our refusal to help conduct such schemes to deceive citizens.

March 2015 - Consultation on investments in Moldova. The founder is an offshore company. Opportunities, pitfalls and risks. consultation.

February 2015 - Rules for entry into the territory of the Republic of Moldova for a citizen from Pakistan. Consultation.

January 2015 - Registration of an enterprise with foreign capital in the Republic of Moldova. Registration process. A package of documents. Samples of required documents.

December 2014 - Features of legislation on the issuance and circulation of electronic money. Maintenance of card accounts and bank cards.

November 2014 – Activity of pawnshops in the Republic of Moldova. Features of the legislation. Established practice. Preparation of a package of documents.

November 2014 - Consultation on the activities of microfinance organizations in the Republic of Moldova. Registration procedure. Legislative requirements.