Services abroad

Our company provides various legal services abroad:

– Credit and financial reports or business statements,
– Database of the financial position of companies in the CIS countries,
– Establishment, confirmation of the details of the debtor company,
– Determination of the actual location of the debtor,
– Registration of the case in the database,
– Development of payment schedules, settlement agreements and other documents,
– Control of incoming payments of debtors,
– Legal assessment by IGK lawyers regarding the expediency of further recovery through the court.

Why is it beneficial?

we solve problems - the client minds his own business;
the debt is returned faster than by the client's forces (the problem with working capital is solved);
no need for additional jobs and resources;
no costs for legal proceedings (a positive court decision is not a guarantee of repayment of the debt and reimbursement of legal costs);
the opportunity to solve the problem and not lose the client.