Transcription of documents. Translation of documents

What is transcription? This is a letter-by-letter enumeration of the last name, first name and patronymic into a particular language, taking into account linguistic rules. In this case, you should pay attention to the sound of combinations of letters and the letters themselves. Since the rules for writing sounds with letters are different in different languages. For example, in the surname Cheban - English - Cheban, German - Tscheban, Romanian - Ceban.

Often, when converting foreign documents into Romanian, Moldovan or other countries, you need to correctly translate the name, surname, patronymic. But it is worth remembering that according to the rules of translation, paradoxical as it may sound, names, patronymics and surnames are not translated. This data is transcribed.

Often names that have double spelling in English (for example, in a Ukrainian passport) and in Romanian create embarrassment in practice. For example Alexey (english) and Alexei (romana). Such discrepancies cannot be called a mistake. However, a discrepancy can cause a refusal to accept documents by one or another authority abroad and even in the country.

Transcription of documents into the Romanian language is carried out according to the rules enshrined in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova. And you can circumvent these rules only if the official is not competent and does not know them. However, in this case, something else is possible. If an official is not competent, he can break the rules even in the case of a legal requirement to write “how to”.

Transcription for Romanian documents of a foreign sample sometimes raises questions. For example, in the passport there is one spelling, in the Moldavian buletin the second spelling, and in the birth certificate - the third. Only professionals can help here.

The Transcription service (Trancriere) is available in our company for the following documents:
Marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce certificate, police clearance certificate, copy of passport (passport), certificate of civil status. There are two terms of transcription: up to 1 month) - urgent transcription. A service is also available at an affordable price - transcription for six (6) - ten (10) months.

Do not forget that in addition to transcription, you may need:

Claiming (obtaining) marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, police clearance certificates both in the Republic of Moldova, Romania, and abroad, for example, in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus (Belarus), Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan , in Armenia, in Tajikistan, in Uzbekistan, in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.

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