Registration of trademarks in Moldova

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Trademark registration certificate. front page. Issued for 10 years


Registration of trademarks in Moldova takes place in three stages:

1. Assistance in choosing a class for trademark registration.
According to International Classification of Goods and Services or Nice Classification, There are 45 classes of which the first 34 classes correspond to the classes of goods, the remaining 10 - to the classes of services.

Recommendations for the choice of classes.
It is recommended to select classes by common class name. If None of the class names exactly match your needs, the search continues in the detailed description of the closest, suitable class of the Nice Classification.
Before registering a trademark, in addition to checking the brand for identity or similarity with existing ones, you should make sure that there is no company with the same name in the country of registration, otherwise you may be prohibited from registering a TM or later you will have to dispute the name.
If you register a domain and register a trademark for this purpose, then you must make sure that this domain is not claimed by trademarks of the same name in other classes of the Nice Classification. Otherwise, it may turn out that your domain will go to the owner of the TM registered before yours. Also, to get a good domain name, you should apply in several classes that are close in description of services or goods.

2. Preliminary search.
Search procedure for previously registered trademarks (trademarks) or TM for short. A trademark is checked for similarity or identity by the spelling and image of the trademark.
Criteria by which identity is checked:
1. Coincidence in spelling and sound.
2. Explicit match in the image.

3. Submission of an application for registration of a Trademark in Moldova.
After selecting classes and a preliminary search for identity, an analysis is carried out and a decision is made on the variant of the trademark: simple text, graphic or combined. Most often, combined trademarks are resorted to if an already existing text trademark somehow resonates with yours, for example, the word of which it consists is included in the name of your trademark. Graphic elements can be used to identify a new TM quite confidently. At the same time, the experience and advice of TM registrars helps a lot. At this stage, you will need to communicate your wishes to the registrar and you will be offered options to choose from.

4. Publication of your application in a special information monitor.
It is at this stage, after publication, that the application is considered filed for registration, or rather for expert verification to confirm the registration of the mark.
At this stage, all objections to your TM from third parties are accepted.

5. Making a decision on the registration of TM.
After the decision to register your TM is made, your trademark is considered registered, however, it will take time for its official approval.

6. Obtaining a certificate of trademark registration in the Republic of Moldova.
The trademark in Moldova is valid for 10 years. Subsequently, it is important to carry out a timely extension of TM. In case of delay, the trademark can be registered by third parties.

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