Customs of Moldova. Opening a folder. Registration

We help Moldovan enterprises and Transnistrian enterprises in opening a customs folder in the Republic of Moldova.

Why do enterprises from Moldova and Transnistria need to open a folder at the customs of Moldova? According to existing legislation, crossing the border of goods can only be carried out by commercial agents registered in the appropriate manner.

First, we provide a list of documents for registration at the customs of Moldova. As well as samples of these documents.

After receiving the necessary documents, we register an enterprise from Moldova or from Transnistria (PMR - Tiraspol, Bendery, Dubossary, Rybnitsa, Dnestrovsk, etc.) at the customs.

Very often we are called by businessmen who have already registered their companies (from Transnistria) at the customs, but made numerous mistakes. Services to correct such errors are much more expensive than the correct registration and opening of a customs folder by professional lawyers.

After that, we put you in touch with a customs broker who is competent to resolve various issues at customs.