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Certificate of non-conviction (on criminal record)

A certificate of non-conviction (also called a "certificate of no criminal record") may be required when processing documents: a visa, moving to a permanent place of residence, obtaining a residence permit, marrying a foreigner in the territory of his country, renouncing citizenship or obtaining citizenship, employment abroad, to simply confirm the absence of a criminal record after the termination of criminal prosecution.

Certificate of non-conviction (no criminal record) in Moldova of a new sample, valid for more than 10 years.

Police clearance certificates in Moldova

In Moldova, a certificate can be obtained independently or through a trusted person with the help of our agency. Contact us if, for any reason, you cannot come to Moldova to receive this document. It will be enough for you to send us a power of attorney and you will receive your certificate of residence and stay within a week or two. And in case of urgent order, the entire procedure (including apostille and delivery directly to the hands in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, etc.) can be completed in a record 5 days.

There are a few important things to keep in mind when applying for a certificate of non-conviction:
A person is considered not convicted at the time of receipt of the certificate, if a criminal case has not been opened against him, there is no outstanding conviction. If there was a criminal record, but it was extinguished, the person served time - then in this case the person is considered not convicted and has every reason to receive such a document.

The procedure for issuing a certificate of non-conviction in different countries is different, as well as the timing of its receipt. Sometimes the demand for relevant certificates of no criminal record drags on for many months. But, in some countries, for example, such as the Republic of Moldova, you can get a police clearance certificate quickly - in 1-2 days.

To obtain a certificate of non-conviction, you will need either a personal presence (which citizens who are abroad cannot afford), or the presence of an attorney, that is, on the basis of a power of attorney.

Our company provides paid services for obtaining certificates of non-conviction from other states.

Certificate de Cazier Judiciar
Certificate de Cazier Judiciar (juridic) in limba Romana
Police clearance certificate - 2013
Certificate of non-conviction in the Republic of Moldova - a new sample. All data is hidden. Only information is indicated - a personal code and no criminal record. For foreign citizens, only the passport number is indicated in the police clearance certificate from Moldova.

In special cases, an extended certificate of non-conviction is issued. For example, to provide such a document to the US consulate.

To whom is a certificate of non-conviction issued:

A certificate of non-conviction is issued to citizens of the Republic of Moldova and other states who have no criminal record, are not under investigation, or have expired convictions.

If the client has a criminal record or is under investigation, he will not be able to obtain such a certificate.

Certificate of non-conviction - a form to fill out (sample):

Name ___________________________________________________________,
Surname _______________________________________________________,
Surname _______________________________________________________,
Born __________________________________________________________,
Place of birth (according to ID): ___________,
Resident (according to ID): _____________,

Please issue a certificate of no criminal record.


What to pay attention to when ordering a certificate of no criminal record from Moldova in agencies and translation agencies located not in Moldova, but abroad:

Keep in mind that these agencies are intermediaries and do not have sufficient information and competent staff to resolve issues in Moldova

One such example is the well-known Gulfstream Translation Agency. They assure, we quote, that "Certificate of non-conviction from Moldova: we know all the subtleties." However, they immediately write that the period of validity of a certificate of non-conviction “is from 3 to 6 months”. This is incorrect information that misleads customers. Moreover, they claim that a certificate of non-conviction can be obtained from the Prosecutor General's Office. But it's not! In addition, they ask for registration data 🙂 In Moldova, they have not requested such data for a police clearance certificate for a long time. Another incorrect information: “On the certificate itself, its validity period is not indicated.” Specified! 3 months!

Police clearance certificate from Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus:

At the moment, we can offer you free information and paid services for obtaining certificates of no criminal record from Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyzstan), Armenia, Georgia, Belarus (Belarus), Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Moldova, as well as from any country in Europe and the rest of the world. Use our services can be remotely located in any country in the world.

Police clearance certificates from Romania

In Romania, a certificate can be obtained independently or through a trusted person.

Police clearance certificates in Russia 

In Russia, a certificate can be obtained independently by contacting the SIAC / IAC at the place of residence. If you live outside of it, then contact the consulate of the Russian Federation or ask a trusted person for help.

Police clearance certificates in Ukraine

A Ukrainian certificate of no criminal record can be obtained independently at the DIT / UIT / OIT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine at the place of residence, if you are in Ukraine, or through a consulate or authorized representative if you are outside it.

Police clearance certificates in Belarus 

To obtain a certificate, residents of Belarus must submit an application to the IAU GUVD/ATC at their place of residence. Those who left the borders of the republic can obtain a certificate with the help of the consulate of the Republic of Belarus or through an authorized representative.

Frequently Asked Questions - about police clearance certificates

If I changed (a) surname, what should be indicated in the certificate of no criminal record? 

Please note that usually the certificate must indicate all the names used by the applicant - in particular, the names before and after marriage. You must clarify the exact requirements in the institution that requires you to have a certificate of non-conviction.

If I lived in any country in my childhood, do I need a certificate of non-conviction from there? 

Police clearance certificates are required from countries where you have lived beyond the required period after reaching either 16 or 18 years of age. The exact requirements (16 or 18) you must check with the institution that requires you to have a certificate of good conduct.

Do I need to get a police clearance certificate from the CIS countries if I served on their territory? 

Despite the fact that at that time it was a single state, now you need to get a certificate from each republic where you have been for more than a certain time.

If I have lived in a country for only a short time, do I need to request a certificate of good conduct from the country of temporary residence?

You can get the answer to this question in the body that requires such a certificate.

If I have not lived in any country continuously over the prescribed period, but have visited it several times (and in total accumulated over the prescribed period), do I need to submit a certificate of non-conviction from there? 

You must clarify this information with the institution that requires you to have a certificate of good conduct.

Is it possible to replace a certificate of non-conviction with another certificate if my stay in any country is related to military service? 

You must clarify this information with the institution that requires you to have a certificate of good conduct.

What is the validity period of a certificate of non-conviction? 

Police clearance certificate in Moldova has a period of three months from the date of receipt. For other countries: Russia - the term of the certificate is not indicated, in Moldova such a certificate is accepted, as a rule, within six months. For other countries: you must check the term in the institution where you receive a certificate of non-conviction. As a rule, the term is indicated on the certificate itself.

What if the country where I lived for a long time does not issue certificates of good conduct? 

Typically, institutions that require the submission of police clearance certificates have information from which countries it is really impossible or extremely difficult to obtain a police clearance certificate. But for insurance, have the relevant evidence with you (for example, print out information from the relevant page of the State Department website or provide correspondence with official authorities on this issue).

Is consular legalization of a police clearance certificate or an apostille required? 

If this is a CIS country, then simply translating into the state language of the country where a certificate of good conduct is required, if these are European countries or other countries, then first of all it is necessary to clarify whether the country is a member of the Hague Apostille Convention. If not, consular legalization will be required, if yes, a special stamp - Apostille - will be required.

If the certificate indicates the presence of a criminal record, will this affect the outcome of the case?

You must clarify this information with the institution that requires you to have a certificate of good conduct.

If I lived in different localities, in different regions of the same country, do I need to receive a certificate from each region? 

Usually one certificate of non-conviction from the central authority of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is sufficient. For example, in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova, the issued certificates report information throughout the territory, so it is not necessary to request a separate certificate from each district or region.

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