The Republic of Moldova

general Statistics

The Republic of Moldova is a democratic state with a parliamentary form of government. Founded on August 27, 1991.

The official language is Moldovan (it is absolutely identical with the Romanian language).

The size of the territory - almost 34 thousand square meters. kilometers. The territory of the country is quite a bit ahead of the territory of the state of Belgium.

The population of Moldova is 4,5 - 5 million people.


The national currency is the Moldovan leu. The current exchange rate of the dollar, euro and other foreign currencies can be found here => Foreign currency is freely available. Savings in foreign currency are possible. Settlements within Moldova are carried out only in the national currency - in Moldovan lei. Settlements with foreign counterparties are carried out in foreign currency.

Geopolitical position of Moldova and economic benefits

Moldova borders on Ukraine and Romania, which opens up prospects for active economic interaction with East and West.

Moldova claims to enter the customs union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Moldova also has real chances to become an associate member of the European Union in 2013, which implies duty-free import of European goods on the basis of the Free Trade Agreement, which is to be signed, and many other preferences.

Business in Moldova

More than 160 thousand legal entities are registered in Moldova. In 2012, 6 thousand new enterprises were registered.

Enterprises have the right to engage in any type of activity, except for those prohibited by law.

Labor resources of Moldova

The labor potential of the country is assessed as satisfactory in terms of - the level of education - the conditions of remuneration. For example, a middle manager here can receive in a large company - from 400 to 600 US dollars, in a small, medium-sized company from 200 to 300 US dollars.

The level of manual production labor is assessed as quite high and cost-effective. For example, on the territory of Moldova, some European brands have established clothing factories. This applies to brands such as Adidas, Navigare, Dolce and Gabbana.

The main online recruitment resources are: (headhunter Moldova) and (work in Moldovan).

Big business in Moldova

Leading companies of the country according to the results of 2012 in terms of turnover
(Source: National Bureau of Statistics):

Red Union Fenosa
Chisinau Gas