☕ Registration of an enterprise in Moldova. Stages

Registration of companies, firms, enterprises in the Republic of Moldova is the prerogative of the Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova. The state monopolist, the Registration Chamber of Moldova, registers enterprises within one and five days. There is also an urgent procedure for registration. All documents are submitted in the state language - in the Moldovan (Romanian) language.

So, the stages of registering a company in Moldova:

1. Choice of types of economic activity.
What will the company do. The choice of types of economic activity is not limited. The exception is licensed activities. For the charter of the enterprise, 5 types will be enough.

2. Selection and reservation of the name. 
As a rule, several names are required for cases of matches with already existing names of enterprises. The Registration Chamber reserves the name of the future company for a month or six months. In practice, it is possible to reserve the name of an enterprise forever, paying at the end of one of the indicated periods the state fee for a new reservation of the name.
After paying the state fee, the lawyer will issue you a confirmation of the title reservation.
The document indicates the fiscal code of the reserved name (in fact, the future enterprise) and your data.

3. Legal address of the future LLC, company or firm.
Here you will need either the Moldovan address of the future director, or you will need to use the address of one of the founders (a resident of Moldova), or you should order the Legal address service, for example, in our company.

4. Determining the candidacy of the director. Appointment of a director.
As a rule, the director is appointed from among the founders. But you can also hire a third party. You should keep in mind that the director does not have the right to combine the position of director (administrator) and another position if he is not a co-founder of the enterprise being created.

5. Accounting services.
Decide in advance on the accounting department, since the “urgent search for an accountant” can interfere with the normal operation of a newly opened enterprise.
Here we recommend contacting an outsourcing company, for example, our company, which provides accounting services. Why? Firstly, you will not have to create working conditions for your future accountant (as required by law), secondly, you will not have to make social contributions to the state budget in the amount of about 45% of the accountant's salary, and thirdly, the company serving you bears a higher responsibility - responding with its working capital and property.

6. Preparation of constituent documents, the Charter in Romanian (Moldovan) language.
Here all the wishes of the client are taken into account. Whether he wants the shares in the capital of the enterprise to be divisible or not, to expand the powers of the director or leave them standard by law, etc.

7. Preparation, if necessary (if the founders are legal entities or one of them), of the relevant decisions and minutes of the general meeting.
Preparation of the entire package of documents from the investor of a legal entity and verification of the “cleanliness” of an individual for debts to creditors or the state.

8. Definition of an authorized person. Issuance of a notarized power of attorney.
Our company can represent your interests in the Registration Chamber on the basis of an appropriate power of attorney.

9. Submission of documents to the Registration Chamber of the Republic of Moldova.
The entire set of documents prepared for registration is submitted to the Registration Chamber indicating the terms of Registration. The lawyer who accepted the documents sets the date of registration.

10. Choosing a bank and opening a temporary account.
The authorized capital is paid into the account of the enterprise (in our case, LLC) in accordance with the shares and the amount specified in the Charter, but not less than 5400 Moldovan lei. In some cases, the authorized capital should be several times, tens and hundreds of times more. This mainly applies to licensed activities.

11. Obtaining documents on registration of a new legal entity in Moldova.
This procedure can also take place by proxy.

12. Opening a permanent bank account.
Here you need to immediately decide what kind of accounts you will have: in Moldovan lei, in foreign currency - in which one? There are banks that open multi-currency accounts. Also, immediately decide whether you will need the Internet or a client-bank to manage your account at a distance. Also, immediately stipulate and determine who will have a signature in the bank. It can also be a confidant. For example, a lawyer or director of Business Liga.

13. Registration of the enterprise with all state bodies, including the tax office.
In Moldova, a program was launched for automatic registration of an enterprise in the tax base of Moldova. However, for unknown reasons, the tax office still requires the presence of a director or an accountant or a trustee after registering an enterprise within a month with the relevant documents. To avoid red tape and waste of your time, you can also order this service from us.

14. Preparation of primary employment contracts.
This is a requirement of the labor legislation of the Republic of Moldova. All employees of the enterprise must have an employment contract and a personal employee card with a photo. At first, accordingly, it is necessary to immediately prepare an individual labor contract with the director (administrator) of the enterprise, and it is desirable to do this even before the registration of the enterprise.
Such a service will be free of charge for you - as a bonus when ordering a company registration service through our company.