Registration of enterprises

Registration of enterprises:

In Moldova, you can register 3 types of enterprises:

1. Sole proprietorship - sole proprietorship - for individuals, citizens of Moldova
2. Limited liability company - LLC or in Moldavian abbreviated as SRL
3. Joint stock company - JSC

CJSC in Moldova has not been registered for some time now
In Moldova, you can register a company within 1 to 3 days. The first authority that a future businessman turns to is the Agency of Public Services (ASP – Agentia Servicii Publice). When contacting this government agency, you need to be well prepared. Know what the company will do specifically. Have titles ready.

Certificate of registration of an enterprise in Moldova Limited Liability Company - SRL
Such certificates are no longer issued. Only green Extras are issued on security paper with company data, surname and name of the founders, director (administrator)

In ASP you will need the necessary list of documents:
– passports of the founders,
– 5 pre-prepared names for your company or company (we advise you to choose a lot more names, as often good, sonorous company names are already taken),
– the legal address of the future enterprise (by the way, in Moldova it is not at all necessary that this be the address of residence of one of the founders),
– the necessary amount to pay for the registration of the enterprise and the payment of state fees.

Here, the legislation of Moldova rather strangely invites merchants to deposit money into a temporary account of a future company. The fact is that if there is only one founder, the full amount required by law is paid - the authorized capital. When there are more founders, the amount can be paid in installments. First, half of the amount is paid into the company's account, then, within six months, the rest of the authorized capital.

Bank choice

Our firm prefers to cooperate with only a few reliable banks in the Republic of Moldova. These are reliable banks that have been successfully operating in Moldova for more than 15 years. Unfortunately, we cannot disclose on the pages of this site the names of banks that are good in terms of business, so as not to offend competitors or novice banks, some of which, by the way, have recently begun to earn a good reputation.

To open an account, you must have the amount to contribute to the authorized capital. The authorized capital can be contributed later. But we recommend doing this right away.

Registration with the tax office

Within a few days after registering an enterprise, it is automatically registered with the tax office. At the tax office in your online account, you need to indicate the director and accountant of an already registered company, since the most unexpected situations and questions may arise.

Registration of enterprises in Moldova. Underwater rocks

Unfortunately, when the Moldovan legislators came to the conclusion that since the institution of propiska was abolished in Moldova, they allowed the Registration Chamber not to demand from the founders anything confirming the legal address of the future enterprise. This body will simply tell you that you are responsible for the information provided.

Here lies a serious trick. Having already registered a company at the address where, for example, you simply live, but are not registered, you run the risk of starting all over again, that is, amending the company's charter, but in fact, re-registering it.

The fact is that when checking with the tax office, you will be asked not only for documents received at the registration chamber, but also a lease agreement certified by a notary or a letter from the owner of the apartment or rented office stating that he allows you to use the address as a legal address companies.

This is just one example, when an entrepreneur, not fully knowing the rules for registration and registration with the tax office, the rules for maintaining accounting, falls into a stalemate. There are many such examples and only good lawyers with good experience in business consulting can deal with them.

Ready made companies

What is a shelf company? This is already a real existing, operating enterprise. Even if a company does not do anything, it acts as a subject of tax law. To maintain it for further sale, they specially hire an accountant and director, who can run more than one similar company. Why hire people and maintain such a company. In order for the client to have the opportunity to buy the company in the shortest possible time - one day. The name is one of the most important factors in a client’s purchase of a company. But the most important thing is the speed of re-registration and types of activities.

A ready-made company is also a guarantee that you do not have to look for a legal address for a future enterprise.

Unfortunately, in Moldova, only a few serious law firms can offer clients a ready-made enterprise. When you buy a ready-made company from unverified persons, you risk inheriting huge company debts. And even an audit company will not help you check whether everything is clean at the company. Therefore, we only sell companies of our clients that have been verified by us and all documentation was maintained by us.

Re-registration of an enterprise

When re-registering an enterprise, many founders face such difficulties as a lack of time to resolve minor in content, but long-term issues. Here it is always convenient to turn to lawyers who have connections and are able to resolve issues in a shorter time.

In addition, mistakes made during re-registration will later affect the situation with the documentation.