Transnistrian diplomas. Legalization

Pridnestrovian diplomas are a separate topic for discussion. Unfortunately, when entering the universities of Pridnestrovie, the heads of educational institutions on the left bank of the Dniester do not warn applicants that Pridnestrovian diplomas are not recognized anywhere.

The procedure for the recognition and legalization of Pridnestrovian diplomas turns out to be a real surprise for many graduates of the PMR. It turns out that this diploma can only be used in Transnistria. It will not be accepted abroad. This is the first thing Pridnestrovians face.

Diploma of higher education of a doctor, issued in Transnistria
A diploma of higher education ... a doctor. Issued in the PMR
The program of the Medical Higher Educational Institution of the PMR does not coincide with the disciplines of the medical university in Moldova
The program of the Transnistrian medical university is very different from the program of the medical university of Moldova
Analytical program of the Transnistrian university for legalization
Analytical programs of the Transnistrian university

Further. The saddest thing is the legalization procedure itself. Moldova does not accept for legalization diplomas certifying the completion of universities of the PMR without additional exams. The fact is that the training program of the PMR and Moldova differs significantly. Get ready to retake your exams in Moldova. Although many of our clients pass their exams with no problems, the first reaction is one of disappointment. And if time is running out...

What do we offer. Through the Ministry of Education of Moldova, we will select the appropriate university for retaking the exams, we will help you make an application to the relevant university and faculty in Moldova. We will control the process until the university commission makes a decision about the difference in disciplines at the relevant faculty. We will give recommendations on how to quickly go through the legalization procedure.

The presence of the client on issues of legalization of the diploma will be required only when signing the service contract and during the exams.