Civil status certificate

Certificate of civil status. It is also called a certificate of inability to marry.

This certificate is requested by citizens of Moldova for marriage abroad.

For European countries, such a certificate must be apostilled (affixed with an Apostille stamp), for CIS countries, only a notarized translation in Moldova or in the country where the document was provided should be done.

Certificate of non-marriage. Moldova, Kishinev

Certificate of inability to marry for marriage. Certificate of civil status - Moldova

A civil status certificate from Moldova is valid for 6 months from the date of its issue. For some countries, the period may vary. In some countries it is three months, in others it is six months.

In addition to a certificate of civil status, a certificate of matrimonial legal capacity may be required. For example, in Germany.

Some people confuse this certificate with documents: a certificate of family composition and a certificate of marital status. These are other references. And their content does not require the information that is in the civil status certificate.

When receiving this certificate, it is recommended to check the spelling of your last name and first name with the spelling in the passport that you submit to the authorities for marriage. It happens that the passport was not received in Moldova and there are discrepancies in the writing of individual letters. For example, ch (ch sound) in English is ci or ce in Romanian.

In case of such discrepancies, we can provide a special certificate stating that the spelling with ch corresponds to the spelling c ci, ce. To obtain such a certificate (if the spelling of your full name does not match), please contact our agency.

In addition, keep in mind that marriages and divorces concluded in Transnistria must be legalized in the Republic of Moldova before receiving such a certificate. We also legalize marriage and divorce certificates from Transnistria.