Our clients

Clients of Business Liga in Chisinau:

Legal and business services:

Public organizationConsultations on the opening of a Public Organization in the Republic of Moldova - KOMBAT - fight club (with the participation of a world champion from Moldova). Preparation of documents and consultations on the conduct of activities.

Advice on taxation and import and export of almonds and products from them to Moldova from Russia and abroad (European Union). Legal basis: duties, conditions, list of documents. Investor from Russia - for a new enterprise in Moldova.

GLASSGOTRADE SRL – Ukraine – LLC registration, registration. Issues of work permits and residence permits. The company is engaged in the supply of glass containers to the CIS countries and European countries.

AutoModern Distribution SRL – Ukraine – LLC registration, registration. Issues of work permits and residence permits.

JESOD S.R.L. - Moldova - programming and software for Europe. Questions of taxation. Company registration.

Eventis Mobile S.A. (investors from the UK, Russia and Moldova) – opening a company, consultations in the field of telecommunications legislation,

Heidelberg Moldova (representation of a well-known German company, a manufacturer of European quality printing presses) – legal services, tax advice, labor law issues,

Chagodeshchensky Glassworks and Co. - Russia - lawsuits on the debt of a counterparty from Moldova.

SHARUNIA LLC - Ukraine - claims for the debt of a Moldovan enterprise.

Aronis Coding-Systems LLC – Ukraine – opening a business and consulting on doing business,

Market Guide LLC (marketgid.com - a well-known portal with Russian and British investments) - opening a company, tax issues,

Asfarma Medical (supplier of medicines, an enterprise with Turkish and Moldovan capital), – consultations on the distribution of medicines, consultations on licensing, contract law,

Steel Invest (investments from Kazakhstan, a metallurgical enterprise), - opening an enterprise, consultations in the field of employment,

AK-SCHIMB (currency offices, casinos in Chisinau, investments from Ukraine 50%) - civil suit and employment issues,

VIKNOGRAD (VIKNOGRAD LLC) – Ukraine – opening a company and tax advice,

HBW (Great Britain) – issues of confidentiality of information and disclosure of personal data in the Republic of Moldova – for maintaining specific databases,

HOT FROST (investments from Ukraine) – consultations on opening a business and taxation, provision of a legal address,

AgentTura (tourism business) – opening an enterprise and consulting in the field of employment,

Vitek Golder (Russia) – legal support of business,

Zoosfera – Society of Dog Breeders of Moldova, multiple winner of dog shows,

TWOMAN ELECTROCABEL (investments from Ukraine) – opening, enterprises, accounting, tax consultations,

SOFINTRADE SRL - An investor from Italy. Questions of investments and opening of the enterprise. Residence of Moldova. Consultation on the acquisition of real estate abroad.

GLOBAL MEAT TRADE SRL – investors from Latvia. Opening LLC. Tax advice.

NEUROKOS S.R.L. - Moldova - consultations on licensing in medicine - import of implants and implants to Moldova from China and Belarus (consultation and preparation of documents for certification),

Pawnshop BLAGO – Ukraine – opening an enterprise, consultations on opening a network of pawnshops in Moldova. Tax advice.

OOO KRANSERVIS - Pridnestrovie - registration with the Moldovan customs, opening a customs folder. Accounting support.

E SOLUTION SERVICES - Anguilla, Cyprus - consultations in the field of e-commerce. Payments via MasterCard and Visa - legal advice.

CALLIDITAS SRO – Slovakia – consultations on doing business, opening an LLC, registration of trademarks. Accounting. Issues of employment and residence permits, residency.

As well as many other foreign investors, companies and clients.