Legalization of documents - Transnistria

Very often our clients get confused in terms: “legalization of documents”, “recognition of documents” and “nostrification”.

In this note, we will define legalization.

But first, a common mistake. Often people from the Transnistrian region consider the procedure for replacing their documents with documents from Moldova as a legalization procedure. This is wrong. Legalization provides for the procedure for the recognition of any documents by the relevant authorities of one and the other side - two states.

First, Transnistria does not exist on the map. So there is no question of legalization.
Second, the Transnistrian documents do not give the right to use them outside of Transnistria. That is, these documents are just pieces of paper.

Which exit? Do not mislead others. This is not legalization. A complete replacement of the Pridnestrovian documents with the documents of the Republic of Moldova.
By the way, Transnistrian documents, except for the passport, will be returned to you.