How to affix an apostille in Chisinau, Moldova

Apostille in Moldova, Chisinau

The Republic of Moldova is one of the countries that refused the consular legalization of documents.
Apostille in Moldova has been used since March 16, 2007, but Moldova joined the Hague Convention earlier.

The only state, Germany, opposed the accession of the Republic of Moldova to the Hague Apostille Convention. And now, for the recognition of Moldovan documents in Germany, consular legalization is required for documents from both countries.

Authorities of Moldova and Apostille

Apostille in the Republic of Moldova can be put on documents of a new type (that is, received in the Republic of Moldova, but not in the Moldavian SSR).

The Ministry of Justice affixes an apostille to documents: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate,

Apostille can be placed both on civil status documents and on documents of legal entities of the Republic of Moldova.

Validity period of Apostille

Often our clients are interested in how long an Apostille is valid. Apostille has no expiration date. Another thing is the document on which there is an Apostille. See the expiration date on the documents themselves. As a rule, all authorities are guided precisely by the validity period of the document indicated on the document itself. For example, on a certificate of non-conviction from Moldova, they write a period of 3 months.

Sometimes the deadline for documents is set by the receiving authorities. For example, as in the case of a certificate of civil status.

But keep in mind that the term of the Apostille affixed to the document has the same term as the document.