Incidents in practice

It was expected that with the desire of the Ukrainian authorities, the laws of Ukraine would be interpreted transparently. BUT more and more enrage and surprise the border guards of Ukraine, who demand that declarations (powers of attorney) for the transportation (escort) of minor children from the CIS countries must be apostilled! Apostille is not required for these powers of attorney! But we have to do it for clients who suffered from the arrogance of border guards.

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The other day, three applications for a police clearance certificate were received from Moldova. From the following clients: Kosenkova, Kolesnik and Kolesnikova 🙂 What are similar surnames 🙂

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The most frequent clients of our agency are from Russia, Romania, Ukraine, the Transnistrian region, Israel, Germany.

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And such messages come) and this is how you explain, because they do not believe that we are not doing anything illegal)

We quote the letter:

“Good afternoon dear friends,
I need to legalize and apostille on a fake diploma.
Write if you can help. Needed in Romania. Diploma (fake) issued by a Russian medical college in 1999.
Waiting for your reply."


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No comments. Letter from a “potential” client)

“I was born in 1982, on the territory of Chuvashia. Parents by nationality are Chuvash.
Can I get legal documents to obtain Romanian citizenship?
Do you provide such services?

Thank you.