Foreigners. Features of obtaining documents in Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is home to many citizens of both Romania and the Russian Federation and Ukraine. Romanian citizens are 300 - 400 thousand people. The number of citizens of the Russian Federation, unfortunately, is not known to the Moldovan authorities. However, the vast majority of Russian citizens live in the territory of Transnistria.

Often, citizens of the Russian Federation who are in Moldova do not have Moldovan citizenship. Moreover, they do not have a residence permit. And precisely because of this, there are many problems when requesting documents, when requesting documents in the Republic of Moldova.

Citizens of the Russian Federation in Moldova
Russian citizens living in Transnistria often do not attach importance to the lack of a residence permit and citizenship - essentially living in Moldova

According to the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, foreign citizens (who do not have a second Moldovan citizenship) can stay in the country without a residence permit for no more than 90 days. However, many do not know this. If you are a citizen of another state and do not have citizenship or a residence permit in Moldova, then you must know the rules for staying in Moldova, and, accordingly, apply for a residence permit or citizenship. This is especially true for citizens of the Russian Federation living in the territory of Transnistria.

Foreign citizens staying for more than 90 days on the territory of Moldova without Moldovan citizenship and without a residence permit will be denied by the state authorities in obtaining any documents in Moldova. The fact is that they are considered illegally located in the Republic of Moldova. You will be denied even if, for example, you have already received a birth certificate (marriage, etc.) in Transnistria. In our case, this does not give you the right to obtain Moldovan documents without having Moldovan citizenship or a residence permit. Moreover, even if you are registered with the consulate of the Russian Federation in Moldova, it does not in any way affect your position in this case.

To clarify the legal possibilities for obtaining documents in such cases, please contact us.

We hope this information will be useful for you and you will receive Moldovan documents in advance or apply for citizenship or residence permit in Moldova in time.