For the name "Republic of Moldova" may impose a fee

The Government of the Republic of Moldova intends to take additional funds from economic agents if the name of an enterprise, company or firm contains the official or historical name of the state (Republic of Moldova).

This initiative came from the Ministry of Justice. The government will issue the right to use the name of the country in the name of the company. Only if the government allows the economic agent to use the name "Republic of Moldova" in the name of the company, he will have to pay a single fee, which will amount to 100 thousand lei. Those economic agents who do not pay the fee will be fined 400 lei and deprived of the permanent right to use the name of the country. Permission to use the name of the state will be issued for a long period of time.

How this innovation will affect entrepreneurs and their activities is not yet clear. Obviously, the cost of the name will become several times higher.