Diplomas and certificates. Nostrification, legalization and apostille

Nostrification of diplomas and certificates is the process of recognition of foreign documents on secondary, higher and postgraduate education. The procedure involves the recognition of the relevant authorities of these documents as legal in the territory of the state where the document was received.

Higher Education Diploma - Moldovan State University
Higher Education Diploma - Moldova
Confirmation or nostrification of a diploma for other states
Diploma confirmation or nostrification

Nostrification in different countries goes through similar stages:

1. Confirmation of a diploma or certificate in an educational institution.
2. Confirmation in the relevant ministry.

As a rule, the procedure takes about a month.

For Pridnestrovian universities and special secondary educational institutions, unfortunately, the procedure is complicated. For the recognition of these diplomas, an examination of the diploma by the relevant university of Moldova is required. After determining the difference in the curriculum, exams are scheduled for subjects that are not in the program of the Transnistrian university, but are in the curriculum of the Moldovan one. And only then the procedure described above is carried out.

See an example of the difference between exams below. Faculty of Psychology, Tiraspol University… Everything turned out to be easier than the client thought and feared. Instead of 5 exams - abstracts ... As it turned out, there are also understanding people in the universities of Moldova ...

Nostrification of the Pridnestrovian diploma. Exams
5 exams were replaced by abstracts ...

If you need to provide a diploma abroad, you must affix an apostille on the diploma or legalize it at the appropriate consulate of the state in which it is required to be submitted.