Citizenship of Moldova on the basis of a residence permit

A Russian citizen received a residence permit in the Republic of Moldova for 3 years for the purpose of family reunification.
In the future, he plans to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Moldova. In this regard, the question arose about the conditions and requirements for obtaining citizenship of the Republic of Moldova in this particular case.

According to the Law on Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova,One of the requirements is legal and permanent residence on the territory of Moldova, which, according to the law, means “the legal stay of a person for an indefinite period of time on the basis of official documents issued by the authorities of the receiving state.”

That is, the specific time of stay in Moldova and abroad for 3 years is not specified. At the same time, absence from the country for a long time may become grounds for the commission to refuse citizenship. Therefore, taking into account the previous version of the Citizenship Law, which specified the requirement not to leave the country for more than 6 months a year, we recommend adhering to the residency period in order to avoid denial of citizenship.

According to the Tax Code, "resident" – has permanent residence in the Republic of Moldova and stays in the Republic of Moldova for at least 183 days during the year.