Banks in Moldova for business

Today there are 14 banks in Moldova. According to our version, the most democratic, reliable and suitable for doing business with the bank remotely - MOBIASBANCA Group Societe Generale SA We are pleased with the loyalty of the bank's employees, the possibility of personal contact to resolve urgent issues. It is also convenient to work by proxy from the account manager (owner or director of the enterprise).

The bank that disappointed us very often is BANCA COMERCIALA ROMANA. In one case, a surprised bank employee refused to make a payment because he could not understand why the name of our company was written in Russian on the press. However, realizing his lack of education, the bank employee, in order to justify several refusals, referred to the fact that we had not paid the monthly fee. And they introduced it magically, immediately after the incident with the Russian-language name. Of course, we are sure that the owners of the bank did not know anything about this. Because this employee still works there and creates obstacles for businessmen.

Recently, banks have allowed one signature for making payments. The accountant can be omitted. Especially if you are served by an accounting firm.

The term for issuing a temporary bank account for depositing the authorized capital is from half an hour to an hour. Opening of permanent accounts takes place in the same terms. True, current accounts are not activated immediately, but after confirmation by the tax office. It usually takes 2 to 5 days.