Apostille on certificate

Apostille on the certificate and other documents. Frequent mistakes.

1. Ignorance of officials requiring an apostille or legalization.
If you have been asked for a birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate with an apostille, you should familiarize yourself with the list of countries included in the apostille. Very often, government officials of the CIS countries mistakenly believe that if countries are included in the apostille, then an apostille is required. However, some have not even heard about the agreement of the CIS countries. The matter is that according to the present agreement in all CIS countries legalization of documents from other CIS country is not required. The only requirement is the provision of documents from the country of origin - a new sample.

Our agency is often approached by people with a request to put an apostille on documents for Russia. However, this is not required. It is enough to order a new document and translate it into Russian.

In order to avoid unnecessary actions or waste, we recommend that you contact our agency for advice in advance. Spending on an apostille can be quite a decent amount. Consultation in our agency will cost you 100 (one hundred) Moldovan lei.

2. Lack of awareness of citizens about the rules for apostilling documents.
Some clients of our agency contact us to help us apostille documents originating in another country, such as France, Spain, Italy.

Remember! Documents received in the countries of the European Union, which are included in the apostille, are apostilled only in these countries. Moldova does not have the right to put an apostille on these documents. Since it is the government of the country from which the document was received that confirms the legitimacy of the document for the authorities of Moldova with an Apostille.
If you have a document in your hands that is not from a country included in the apostille, then such a document requires legalization in the country where you received it. The legalization process in each country may be different. However, there is a general rule - the legalization of this document in the nearest consulate of the Republic of Moldova in this country or in a neighboring state.

3. Deception of customers. Providing false information.

We want to pay special attention to the incidents taking place in Pridnestrovie. Local translation agencies do not inform citizens of the PMR that it is impossible to translate a certificate or other document before legalization or apostille - for other countries. It will be a waste of time and money. There is even a translation agency in the PMR called "Apostille". It immediately becomes clear that this name is misleading people. Apostille can only be affixed by authorized state bodies of the Republic of Moldova.

It is also worth paying attention to the silence of information of some Moldovan translation agencies. The client brings a document that is not legalized in its country of origin for translation. He is not even informed that such a transfer will not be recognized in Moldova.

If you have any doubts or questions, if you are even sure of your documents for their additional verification, contact our agency. The cost of verification and consultation will be 100 (one hundred) Moldovan lei.

We wish you luck!